A 16 week certificate course for Intermediate Students on Life Skills in association
with Board of Intermediate Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh

Teacher Training

Our offerings

Heartfulness Institute offers simple and effective methods of relaxation, meditation, regulation of mind, rejuvenation, uncovering inner strength and cultivating noble qualities, in order to create a lasting sense of balance, overall well-being and inner excellence.

Our programs

Are experiential, practical and heart-centred

Provide a simple set of meditation-based tools called Heartfulness

Enable all-round excellence in the teaching profession

Training Programs

“ The mediocre teacher tells.

The good teacher explains.

The superior teacher demonstrates.

The great teacher inspires.”

– William Arthur Ward

Heartfulness Institute offers signature programs for teachers. They enable teachers to achieve the fundamental purpose of education: to draw the potential from within.

These Teacher Training Programs cover the following core areas:

SELF: The teacher training programs offer a set of Heartfulness techniques conducive for self-development. These techniques help the teacher to:

  • Relax – learn to let go
  • Meditate – learn to experience inner calm and expand consciousness
  • Clean the mind – learn to rejuvenate and refresh
  • Connect within – learn to listen to your heart

STUDENTS: The teachers are trained to create a Conscious Learning Environment in their classrooms. They are trained to impart Conscious Living Lessons for students which inspire the students to:

  • Experience Conscious Living
  • Practice Life-Skills
  • Imbibe values through activity based joyful learning

SCHOOLS: The teachers are exposed to various aspects of Heart-centered pedagogy that include

  • Soft-Skills
  • Inquiry based learning
  • Emotional Intelligence

Programs offered


Introductory Program

“3-day, 1-hour each, Heartfulness tools”
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Promotional Program

“4-hour brief on Heartfulness Offerings”
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Signature Program

“3-day training program for teachers”
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Anganwadi Program

“Self-awareness and Inner Well-being Program”
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Pursuit of inner self excellence

“Enrichment workshop for faculty”
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Deep- Dive Program

“Training to deliver Heartfulness Lesson Plans”
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Certification Program

“Training to become a professional Facilitator”
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Degree Program

“Credit based Program on Heartfulness”
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Teacher and student training

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Continuing Medical Education Programs

Pune Retreat Centre

June 15th to 17th 2018

Program Schedule

Upcoming Programs

Heartfulness Institute currently offers the following Teacher Training Programs. Teachers are requested to choose from this list of programs and register for the program that suits them best.

Concluded Programs

What do they learn

Here are a few testimonials and feedback received from some of the teachers

who have attended our programs:

“The program was very useful in giving us the guidance to reach out to teachers of other institutions. The sessions were presented with love and motivated us that everyone of us can contribute in our own way.”

Teacher who attended the INSPIRE Program

“Overall the program was really superb and fantastic, and I have got a lot of new and positive energy in me. It will be helpful to me in my school life as well as in my personal life. Along with my students I will also meditate in my daily life. Such seminars must be there every year and for some more days too. All the trainers were really superb and full of positive energy.”

Teacher who attended the INSPIRE Program

“Initially I was a bit apprehensive about how I would spend three days of Heartfulness, but at the end of the three days my heart is full of positivity, clarity, hope, openness, empathy and a lot more. The trainers were excellent with all their presentation, anecdotes and group activities, guiding us all the way all these three days.”

Teacher who attended the INSPIRE Program