Pursuit of Inner Self Excellence

Workshop for Teachers (2 days)

“Everything that is excellent will come when this sleeping soul is aroused to self-conscious activity”. – Swami Vivekananda

One of the most significant functions of any educational institution is to provide learning experiences that lead their students from the darkness of ignorance to knowledge. Teachers are the key persons who play an important role in this process of transformation. Poise Workshop is an attempt to include the spiritual dimension in teachers training. The spiritual education is one such wing that supports the spiritual development of teachers and students.


* Understand and assimilate the heartfulness meditation practice for Self
* Orient strategies for attaining individual and institutional goal
* Discuss predominant techniques to impart wisdom based living
* Develop effective strategies to impart Spiritual Education

The aim of teachers training is to accomplish our full potential, whether that is in our professional or personal life. Pursuit of Inner Self Excellence – workshop helps in acquiring the Knowledge, Skills and Values needed to succeed in their academic roles as Educators and Scholars.

“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts”. – Dalai Lama
Empower and reconnect with the higher Self, through once own experience we discover that it is only through clarity of the mind and with set of values, one can find a place of understanding and Contentment.