Teacher Training Program

“Inspiration is a quality of the Heart”


Heartfulness Tools for Self -Development

*Relaxation *Meditation *Rejuvenation *Connect within

• Heart-centered Pedagogy

*21st Century teaching and learning
*Life Skills
* Scientific rationale for relaxation and meditation

• Heartfulness Education for Students:
• Heartfulness Education for Grades 1 to 10
• Heartfulness Experience for Grades 11 and 12

This training program will enable & inspire teachers:
• To experience & practice Heartfulness meditation techniques
• To learn, explore & implement Heart-centered pedagogy
• To nurture holistic growth among students
• To experience and facilitate our Heartfulness Education programs.
• To bring about a paradigm Shift from being ‘A Teacher to a facilitator’
• To ‘Create a Conscious Learning Environment’ in schools

Duration & Days:

* Non- Residential Program: 6-hour session per day for 3 consecutive days
Note: Based on discussion with school authorities the above be suitably modified.

* Residential Program: 3 full days Kindly refer to the sample schedule (click here)


School premises or nearby Heartfulness Meditation Centre